5 Benefits of Lab Automation

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If you are considering laboratory automation for your lab and having a hard time deciding whether it is worth it, this post may help steer you in the right direction. Here are five benefits of using laboratory automation.

1. Provides valuable walk-away time

There are many important tasks to get done in the lab, so why not eliminate the tedious and time consuming task of hand labeling or filling tubes. Imagine how much time you will save by giving this job to a fully automated labeling machine that can fill, read 2D barcode for verification, and place your tubes back into the rack. Labeling tubes is a rather simple task, so is it really necessary to have a scientist perform such tedious work when he or she could be using their valuable skills for a more specialized task?

2. Reduces repetitive injuries

Manual labeling of tubes is not only tedious and time-consuming but it can also lead to physical strain of the fingers and hands. People who have been hand labeling tubes for years might start to experience numbness and tingling in the hand, which ultimately decreases productivity in the lab. If your daily routine consists of labeling, filling, uncapping and capping of tubes, this can cause stress injuries in the fingers and in many cases lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Many fully-automated labeling machines can complete all of these tasks for you and decrease the risk of repetitive injuries from manual labeling.

3. Reduces costs in the lab

Using laboratory automation in your lab will decrease the number of people needed to label tubes, therefore resulting in cost savings. Not only will you reduce costs in the lab, but you also might find an increase in revenue due to lab automation. High-throughput machines ensure faster cycle times and allow a greater number of tubes to be labeled faster therefore decreasing turnaround time. This results in more time to attend to more patients, thus greater patient satisfaction.

4. Eliminates human error

There are many steps involved in preparing and keeping track of specimens. Lab automation not only decreases human errors associated with sample preparation but also it increases efficiency in the lab by allowing the user to track samples. If you are working with a LIMS system or have an excel work list, these can easily be imported into the software to ensure easy tracking of specimens therefore reducing the amount of lost or misplaced samples.

5. Flexible machinery saves valuable space

Saving space in the lab is a legitimate concern. Although some lab automation systems have a large footprint and take up lots of space, there are also many systems that have a small footprint and are designed to fit under a work hood. All of our automated tube and plate labelers are bench-top devices that will save you valuable work space in the lab.

As you can see, there are many benefits to laboratory automation. Not only will it reduce costs in the long run, but also it will generate revenue for your lab. By eliminating human error, reducing repetitive injuries, and providing valuable walk-away time, you will improve workflow and ultimately increase productivity and efficiency.