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The purpose of this page is to share the custom projects we have created for our customers in the past. Although our company has evolved to selling a standard product line of automated tube and plate labelers, from the very beginning, custom solutions was our focus.

We have provided a variety of applications including customized machines for cell growth, cell lysis and cell harvesting. In liquid handling, we have developed customized systems for media filling machines (agar, diet, etc.), petri dishes, microplates, tubes/vials, urinalysis, excipient mixer, and high-throughput filling.


Please take a look at some of the custom projects we have made below!



Diet Filler

Diet Filler

Our most recent custom project has been used at three different custom sites in the last three years. The Diet Filler fills warm insect diet into microtiter plates and can fill one plate every 17 seconds. It also uses the same stacking and conveying method as the Sci-Print MP2+.




Sample Preparation System: CLASS

CLASS is a cell lysis automated sonication system for nucleic acid and protein extraction from cells and tissues under non-denaturing conditions. This high-throughput system will aid in the parallel processing of protein purification and DNA/RNA extraction.

A sample tray is manually or robotically placed onto a cooling block which then retracts into the HEPA filtered cabinet. The sonicator probes are lowered into the wells and sonication is initiated. After sonication, the probe tips are lowered into a wash station to remove debris. Meanwhile, the finished tray is moved back outside of the cabinet for retrieval.


                                                                                                                                         SCI-FILL PD

Automated petri dish filler: SCI-FILL PDThe Sci-Fill PD is an automated petri dish filler designed to fill 100mm petri dishes with agar. Dishes are loaded into autoclavable racks which in turn are loaded onto a carousel. The machine automatically removes the dishes from the racks, removes the lids, labels and fills with a predetermined volume of agar.

With concurrent operations at each station, processing is optimized to achieve throughput speeds of up to 600 dishes per hour. The complete system is enclosed and HEPA filtered with optional UV sterilization of the filling station.



Agar Filler



The Agar Filler is a high throughput stand-alone enclosed Petri Dish Agar Filling System. The Agar Filler fills hot agar into petri dishes and can handle 500 dishes (100 mm diameter x 25 mm height.) It can label, de-lid, fill, and re-lid with little technician interaction. It also has a UV sterilization work area with HEPA filtered work environment.

If you have any questions regarding Scinomix’ custom projects, please do not hesitate to contact us at (314) 298-9800 or kindly send us an email at moc.x1508747131imoni1508747131cs@of1508747131ni1508747131