The Story Behind Scinomix

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This week we wanted to share a little bit of history behind Scinomix. From how we got started, to how we evolved over the years, to how we came up with the name Scinomix!


How did Scinomix get started?

Owners, Nigel Malterer (President) and Mark Mertz (VP of Production) worked together prior to the creation of Scinomix. They both recognized that there was a strong need for laboratory automation and had a similar vision in how they wanted to build the company. After lots of hard work and perseverance, Scinomix was founded in 2001.


In the beginning, we provided custom solutions for labs. This consisted of customized machines for a variety of applications including cell biology and liquid handling. In cell biology, we developed customized machines for cell growth, cell lysis, and cell harvesting. In liquid handling, we developed customized systems for media filling machines (agar, diet, etc.), petri dishes, micro-plates, tubes/vials, urinalysis, excipient mixer, and high throughput filling.


Over the years, through developing these custom projects, we realized that there was a need for automated labelers in labs. In 2009, the first Sci-Print MP2 was sold. The Sci-Print MP2 is a semi- automated plate labeler that prints and applies labels onto a variety of microtiter plates for sample tracking. One year later, we sold our first automated vial labelers, the Sci-Print VX2 and the Sci-Print SOLO. From this point on, we started to steer away from custom projects and began focusing on developing a standard line of automated vial and plate labelers. Today, our standard line of automated vial labelers consists of the Sci-Print VX2, Sci-Print SOLO, and our most recent addition, the Sci-Print VXL. Our automated plate labelers are the Sci-Print MP2 and the Sci-Print MP2+.


How did we get our name?

This is a question we get asked fairly often so we thought we would briefly explain how the name Scinomix was created. It’s actually pretty simple and makes sense when you know what our name means. The “Sci” in Scinomix stands for Science, and the “nomix” stands for Genomics. So, put the two together, and you get SCINOMIX! Mind blown. Pretty clever, huh?


Plans for the future?

Over the past couple of years, we have grown substantially and our plan for the future is to continue to grow and develop. Since last year, we added six new distributors worldwide that will distribute our standard line of vial and plate labelers. These distributors will give us representation in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, France, Scandinavia, India, Japan, and Vietnam. We plan to continue to extend our brand internationally and throughout the world!


In addition, we have new products in the works and innovation and creativity continue to play a strong role in our vision for the future. From the beginning, our mission has always been to provide solutions for customers, and that will always be the driving force behind Scinomix.